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We had a great meeting this year in Bryce discussing wildlife management based on science and/or social.
Here are the winners of the talks and posters.

Best Papers, Professional
1st Place – Carl Lundbald (Thermal ecology, reproductive success, and climate adaptability of burrowing owls)
Tie 2nd Place- Steve Slater (Identification factors associated with eagle vehicle strike risk in Utah
Tie 2nd Place- Adam Brewerton (Tracking the American White Pelican)
3rd Place- Tom Smith (Bear safety messaging- time to rethink?

Best Papers, Student
Tie 1st Place- Brett Mossman (Assessing natural seed dormancy loss in alkali bulrush (Bolboschoenus maritimus): Duck ingestion and natural cold stratification)
Tie 1st Place- Brandon Flack (Ecology of the Morgan-Summit greater sage-grouse population: Conservation implications for landowners and managers)
Tie 2nd Place- Channing Howard (Public perception before and after urban mule deer translocation)
Tie 2nd Place- Justin Small (Greater sage-grouse responses to pinyon-juniper removal:mitigating resistance in an anthropogenic altered landscape
3rd Place- Ed Hammill (A novel tool for prioritizing wildlife management actions that accounts for exposure to potential climate changes)

Best Posters
1st Place – Jason Wood (Greater sage-grouse winter forage selection: Is treated sagebrush tasty?)
2nd Place- Jacob Fullmer (Are remote cameras a viable method to estimate mule deer populations?)
3rd Place- B.J. Adams ( Ecology of Mouflon Hybrid Sheep in Hawaii)

See the annual meeting page for more details.

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