A New Look at Wildlife.org

Wildlife.org is now your single destination for both TWS and wildlife news!

Your Society has taken a major step forward in improving both your experience with our website, and improving the public face of the organization to the rest of the world who may be visiting and learning about us for the first time.

“With separate websites for membership reference information and news, we weren’t making it easy for our members to enjoy all that we could offer through one unified website,” said Ed Thompson, Chief Operating Officer of The Wildlife Society. “We also realized that our membership website at wildlife.org was inward facing, organizing information primarily along internal department functions, not how members would actually use the site.”

At the new wildlife.org, anyone visiting primarily to conduct a transaction will find four handy links in the upper right corner of every page–Join, Renew, Donate and Log In. The “Log In” and “Renew” links take members to a screen where they can access their Member Portal using their email address and password.

The main navigation bar is set up to allow everyone to find reference information and resources related to the top benefits of TWS membership–networking,  learning and how to get involved. Additionally, resources and information for the “Next Generation” of wildlife professionals, the “Hot Issues” facing TWS and wildlife, and a wealth of educational resources through the “Store” are also easily accessible.

“One of the key changes everyone will notice right away is our increased focused on news, and not just wildlife news,” Thompson said. “Once your eyes drift below the top navigation bar of our new site, members will find a wealth of news and information that will demonstrate the breadth and strength of this organization.”

Through our new website, you’ll see news about wildlife science, management and conservation, but you’ll also be hearing more news from headquarters and from The Wildlife Society’s amazing network of sections, chapters and student chapters across North America. Members and visitors will also be kept up to date on top features from major news outlets and other wildlife organizations through our new “FYI News” section in the lower right corner of the page.

“Ultimately, we want our members to have a robust and informative website that they value and visit frequently because they find it helpful and interesting,” Thompson said. “And we also want to provide them with a website that inspires them to share it with everyone in their professional and personal network.”

Header Image: Image Credit: Ron Singer, USFWS