Watch: North Carolina wildlife managers grapple with armadillos

Wildlife managers are struggling to manage the spread of armadillos into North Carolina. Nine-banded armadillos (Dasypus novemcinctus) are historically found in Texas and some surroundings states, with a range reaching all the way down to Argentina. Possibly due to climate change, they have begun spreading northward to states like North Carolina and even up to Virginia, where they weren’t traditionally found. They can cause problems by digging up people’s lawns and causing other horticultural issues in towns like Sapphire, N.C. Some people have even taken to hiring wildlife managers to control the animals. “We know nothing about them,” Jason Bullard, a member of Mountain Wildlife Managers, told The Guardian. “We can’t seem to kill them easily. They show up unexpectedly. And their numbers have just exploded.”

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Header Image: Armadillos dig into a lawn in Florida. Credit: Jim Mullhaupt