TWS releases new statements on energy and invasive species

At the 2016 Annual Conference in Raleigh, The Wildlife Society’s Council approved two new position statements which incorporated comments and suggestions from TWS members. The new documents were approved following an initiative to streamline and enhance the organization of TWS’ Position Statements. The new system creates a hierarchical series of documents allowing TWS members and staff to more effectively take advantage of these statements for outreach on relevant issues.

The position statements approved in Raleigh are titled Energy Development and Wildlife and Invasive and Feral Species. Each statement consolidates several previous position statements into one document that addresses the issue on a broader scale. Those previous position statements have been reclassified as Issue Statements – situation-specific documents relevant to the issues covered by Position Statements. TWS now also recognizes Standing Positions – documents that describe foundational, long-standing positions held by TWS which are unlikely to change in the near future.

The updates to the position statement classifications and the release of the two new statements were approved via the process outlined in the Policy Engagement Document. This includes development, approval, and review of each document by Council, TWS members, and staff.

The position statements approved in Raleigh are valid until 2021. The statements will be reviewed by a Council subcommittee prior to expiration, after which Council will vote to approve, revise, or rescind the statements.

Header Image: ©James Holloway