Position Statements

Green Turtle grazing on Syringodium filiforme.

Image Credit: National Park Service

As leaders in wildlife science, management and conservation, The Wildlife Society has a responsibility to address national and international issues that affect the current and future status of wildlife in North America and throughout the world. The diligent development of authoritative statements on wildlife issues is essential for interjecting wildlife concerns into decision-making processes.

A position statement is a carefully prepared and concise exposition on a wildlife issue that defines the issue, contains factual background data, describes the most probable biological, social, and economics results of alternative actions, and may also contain a recommended course(s) of action. The statements linked below were adopted by The Wildlife Society Council, following a period of review and comment by the membership.

In deciding whether to prepare a position statement, Council considers whether the issue is of major importance to wildlife resources, whether it is within the expertise of The Wildlife Society members, and whether there is adequate time available to acquire data and thoughtfully develop a position.

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