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Tagging, Banding, Trapping, and More

Members of Ball State’s (BSU) Student Chapter of TWS have been busy educating its members and on wildlife ecology and management. One of the best ways to broaden members’ knowledge on the subject is to host guest speakers and workshops.

Dana Reckelhoff from the Indiana DNR, a former Ball State student, gave a presentation about her job at Patoka Lake. She brought along live birds for demonstration, including a juvenile bald eagle. This was a great opportunity for members to network with a former graduate about internship and career options after graduation.

Barry Banks, director of Red-tail Land Conservancy, also visited during one of the student chapter’s meetings. He gave a presentation on land trusts and the Conservancy’s mission preserving land in Delaware County and surrounding areas.

Dr. Rod Williams from Purdue University also presented his research on hellbenders and his goals for the future of the species.

This year, the student chapter started bi-weekly skill builder workshops for members to gain extra experience with CV editing, tagging and banding, trapping, and radio telemetry. These are useful techniques to gain an advantage in the job search.

Ball State

BSU TWS President, Riley Carswell and Treasurer, Carolyn Straiker aging deer and collecting heads for TB study.
Image Credit: Ball State Student Chapter

Members also had the opportunity to participate in several events during the 2014 hunting season. Indiana DNR organized two events in September and October, a dove hunt at Goose Pond and a put-and-take pheasant hunt at Deer Creek Service Area. Both events were fun-filled days spent with DNR learning about habitat management and conservation as well as the importance of hunting.

During the opening weekend of deer season in November, members traveled to deer check stations in counties located in southeast Indiana, helping DNR take measurements and data on harvested deer. They also assisted with collecting the heads of deer for TB (tuberculosis) testing and with educating the public on the study.

The group plans to have a cookout to celebrate the end of a very successful year and to wish the graduating members the best of luck in their wildlife careers.

For more information on BSU’s Student Chapter activities visit their Facebook page.

Header Image: Image Credit: Ball State Student Chapter