President Potts visits TWS headquarters

President Gary Potts traveled to Bethesda, Maryland, last week to meet with staff on several items related to the upcoming TWS Council Meeting.

Potts made the most of his short visit, accomplishing a laundry list of items in collaboration with staff, including progress on the TWS budget proposal for the next fiscal year and strategizing on how to expand partnerships — a major theme of his presidency. After two days of meetings with staff and colleagues from outside organizations, Potts returned home to Illinois satisfied.

“It’s very important for the president to come to the headquarters at least two times per year…to meet staff and cheer them on,” Potts said, “And to encourage staff to do something bigger than yourself.”

Potts enjoyed seeing all the work activities of staff and the enthusiasm that those activities are carried out with. “We are all in The Wildlife Society, so members, staff and wildlife professionals alike need to work together toward a common goal,” he said, because, as he so fondly reminds us, “We Are…The Wildlife Society!”

Going forward, he will continue to work closely with staff and outside organizations to expand the partnership, build communication and secure leadership training for members. Look for President Potts’ column on later this week for more details on his visit.