PA HB 1576 & SB 1047

POSTED 12-18-13: Endangered Species Coordination Act (HB 1576 and SB 1047)

House Bill 1576 and Senate Bill 1047 were referred to the Game and Fisheries Committee in mid-2013 and propose to fundamentally change the current process for listing endangered and threatened species in Pennsylvania.

The Chapter has voiced its opposition to both versions in a letter sent to sponsors of the Bills because they are in conflict with the responsible management of Pennsylvania’s wildlife and habitats.  The Fish & Boat Commission, Game Commission, and countless organizations and non-profits have voiced their opposition as well.  Even so, this Act appears to be moving forward and the House version of the Bill was amended in November.  Membership is encouraged to take action by reviewing these Bills and voicing their own opinions by contacting their representatives whether they support the bill or not.

Below are links on how to contact your local representative, some sample letters you could send, and/or some talking points should you decide to call or discuss this with someone undecided about whether to take action.  Sierra Club has also created an advocacy page that sends a customizable message to your state representative about HB 1576. It’s a good way to get those who aren’t likely to make a phone call to contact their representatives.

House Bill 1576 (amended version, November 13, 2013)

Senate Bill 1047

PA TWS opposition letter

How do I find my local legislator?

Sample letters and talking points

UPDATE POSTED 2-17-14: HB 1576 Moving Forward

Current news is that Pennsylvania House leadership will bring HB 1576 up for a vote by the full House the week of March 10th, and the vote could occur as early as March 11th. Now is the time for everyone to make individual contact with their legislators and inform others to do the same.

In addition to your own Representative, the following House members should be contacted as well:

-Mike Turzai, House Republican Floor Leader,
-Frank Dermody, House Democratic Floor Leader,
-Sam Smith, Speaker of the House,
-William F. Adolph, Jr., House Republican Appropriations Committee Chairman,
-Joseph Markosek, House Democratic Appropriations Committee Chairman,

These individuals all have some level of influence on this bill. PLEASE ACT NOW.

Suggested talking points



As early as tomorrow morning, the Pennsylvania State House may vote on a bill that would rollback critical protections for endangered species. House Bill 1576, would put the fate of endangered species in the hands of politicians. Right now, the final decision-making process of whether a species is considered endangered is based on science. This bill would severely weaken the process. Please contact your State Representative this week in opposition to House Bill 1576, the Endangered Species Coordination Act. This Bill would weaken our sensitive species protections in Pennsylvania.

See earlier links for more information.



This Bill has been removed from the table in the Pennsylvania State House.

Bill status on PA General Assembly website