Executive Board

BOARD MEMBERS: The Executive Board is a standing committee of the New England Chapter and is comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and the five duly elected State Representatives. However, committee chairs are also an integral part of the operation of the Chapter and are also heavily involved in the decision making of the Executive Board.

BUSINESS: The Executive Board meets three times per year, typically at the MassWildlife’s Field Headquarters in Westborough  (Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, Field Headquarters, 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581). The mandate of the Executive Board is to give general supervision to the affairs and interests of the Chapter and its contacts with TWS, prepare a budget for review and approval by the general membership at the annual meeting, control the expenditures and program of all meetings, and outline activities and duties for each committee to address.

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The New England Chapter listserv was created to facilitate communication and distribution of chapter information as well as enhance communication among chapter members regarding wildlife conservation issues as they relate to the New England region. Currently, the listserv is only open to chapter members.

Members from around the region can use the listserv to post information pertaining to topics ranging from current issues, techniques, resources, and policy decisions, to educational and career opportunities. Chapter meeting information will also be posted on the listserv.

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Conservation Issues

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Conservation Affairs

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Spring 2016 Workshop Agenda

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Spring 2013 Workshop Agenda

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