Improvements coming to TWS’ Certification Program process

The Wildlife Society is pleased to announce enhancements to its certification program processes that will make the program more user-friendly, streamline review, and enhance benefits to TWS members.

TWS staff and the Certification Review Board oversee the certification program, generally processing and reviewing more than 150 applications each year. Certification is a members-only program that highlights the achievement and application of rigorous educational, professional, and ethical standards as a wildlife practitioner. TWS membership currently consists of more than 300 Associate Wildlife Biologists® and 1,900 Certified Wildlife Biologists®.

On July 1, TWS will launch new CWB® and AWB® PDF form applications that will allow for clarity and simplicity when completing the application. These new applications will also be submitted via email, which will streamline processing and review of applications and reduce paper use. All coursework and experience requirements for certification will remain the same.

Other changes taking place July 1 include:

  • Phasing out non-member pricing for certification applications in order to clarify certification as a member-only benefit.
  • Instating a uniform $75.00 AWB® to CWB® upgrade fee for current AWB® members who wish to upgrade to CWB® after meeting the experience requirements. The current cost of upgrading one’s certification is dependent upon the CWB® application fee and the fee paid for the AWB® application; such a framework adds confusion and requires applicants to recall how much they paid for certification 10 or more years ago.

Other changes soon to come include a more distinct separation of CWB® Renewal Applications and Professional Development Certificates in order to highlight the differences between these two accomplishments. This will include the introduction of new applications for these certificates within the coming months. TWS staff are also working to implement a system that will provide reminders to current CWB® members who need to renew their certification.

Contact with any questions about TWS’ certification program. The current Microsoft Word certification application will continue to be accepted via mail until Sept. 1, 2016.

Header Image: ©Tracy Robillard, USACE