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HTCWG of TWS Hunting and Target Shooting Mentoring Program

Mentored hunting and target shooting experiences continue a legacy of environmental conservation. Every time you purchase firearms or ammunition, your tax dollars go towards protecting public land and wildlife. Hunter and target shooter recruitment has decreased over the years, and to continue to fund conservation through excise taxes, we need to work together to increase recruitment and spread the knowledge about these historic American pastimes: hunting and target shooting.

Enrolling as a Hunting, Trapping, and Conservation Working Group (HTCWG) of The Wildlife Society (TWS) hunting and target shooting mentor or mentee is an important commitment. If you’re a mentor, we expect you to share your knowledge and take a new hunter or target shooter outside to learn the ways of firearm safety and ethical and effective hunting methods. If you’re a mentee, we expect you to spend time with your mentor in the field to learn what they know about hunting or target shooting. However, this is not just about hunting and target shooting; it’s about sharing values, finding common ground, and passing on knowledge. A good mentor/mentee relationship will not be a one-time experience; it will create a legacy of mutual learning and trust.

The first 40 mentors or mentees to enroll and submit a story in this mentorship initiative will receive a lidded, 16oz stainless-steel insulated tumbler etched with the National Shooting Sports Foundation logo and the words “HTCWG Mentor.” In addition, all mentors and mentees that enroll will have the chance to have their mentoring experience shared in The Wildlife Professional. (Please note, any TWS member is welcome to sign up as a mentor or mentee. You’re not required to be a HTCWG member to sign up.)

To be a mentor or mentee, we need you to do three things:

  1. Fill out the survey below with your name and email address. This will get you into our system and preserve your place in line for one of our 40 tumblers.
  2. We need you to take your mentee or your mentor out into the field or to the target shooting range and share a meaningful experience with them.
  3. Return to this webpage and fill out the next survey titled “HTCWG – Hunting and Target Shooting Mentor and Mentee Stories.” This will allow us to read about your experiences and choose which one or two to feature in The Wildlife Professional.

The HTCWG and the National Shooting Sports Foundation would like to support you and thank you for passing on our important heritage and cultural values through mentored hunts and shooting excursions. By enrolling as a HTCWG hunting and target shooting mentor or mentee, you are exposing more people to hunting and target shooting heritage as well as supporting future land and habitat conservation. The HTCWG wants to reward you for your efforts, preserving hunting and target shooting, and supporting environmental conservation for years to come.

Enroll as a Hunting and Target Shooting Mentor or Mentee

Please complete the Google Form below to enroll as a hunting and target shooting mentor or mentee for the Hunting, Trapping, and Conservation Working Group of The Wildlife Society. Thank you.

If you have any questions or would like a copy of the hunting mentor manual, please contact Gabriela Zaldumbide at gabriela.zaldumbide@western.edu.

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