Yellowstone grizzlies will remain delisted

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has reaffirmed its decision to consider the grizzly bears (Ursus arctos horribilis) in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem a distinct population segment.

The GYE grizzlies were delisted under the Endangered Species Act in 2017 because the USFWS determined the population was no longer at risk of going extinct. The decision was challenged in court, prompting Montana to hold off on opening hunting until the matter was settled. Wyoming decided to continue with plans for a hunt.

The USFWS determined that the 2017 rule does not need to be modified and the GYE grizzlies will remain delisted as a distinct population segment. You can read the full summary of the decision in the Federal Register.

Header Image: Grizzly bears around Yellowstone National Park were removed from the Endangered Species List in 2017 because USFWS determined they were no longer at risk of going extinct. ©alh1