Watch: Bison reintroduced to Osage Nation land

The Bronx Zoo has translocated six bison to the Osage Nation in an effort to bolster the herd in part of Oklahoma. The animals will join a herd comprising of nearly 200 bison that roam across a 3,000-acre tract of tribal ancestral land. The breeding program at the Bronx Zoo is more than a century old—the program also facilitated the reintroduced of bison to areas such as the Wichita Reserve Bison Refuge, also in Oklahoma. “The return of the bison holds great significance to Osage people,” said Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear of the Osage Nation in a press release. “Bison are not only a mark of our past; they are a symbol of our future. With the great success of our surface reservation growth through land purchases, we now have a home for bison to continue their resurgence.”

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Header Image: Six bison were translocated across the country in the latest of more than a century of bison reintroduction work by the Bronx Zoo. Credit: Julie Larsen Maher/Bronx Zoo/WCS