Watch: An off-the-wall approach to wildlife art

Artist Reinier Gamboa’s latest work isn’t just another Miami street mural. Called “Anthropocene Extinction,” it shows some of South Florida’s iconic species, from sea turtles to spoonbills. But it’s more than just a pretty picture. Download the smartphone app, point your phone at the species and the wall becomes an augmented reality scene showing the roles the species play in the ecosystem, the threats some face, and in the case of invasives, the threats they pose.

The mural is part of a project by Linda Cheung and her nonprofit Before It’s Too Late. “It’s not just boiling a message into its simplest essence,” she told Outside magazine. “It’s also instigating the right emotions. Certain emotions aren’t useful — there’s no use guilting people.”

Read the story in Outside here.

Header Image: The mural “Anthropocene Extinction” uses a smartphone app to create an augmented reality experience that shares information about the species that appear the artwork. ©Linda Cheung