TWS Supports Duck Stamp Increase

The Wildlife Society, along with 34 other wildlife conservation and sportsmen’s groups, urged Members of Congress to increase the price of the Duck Stamp.  Congress is currently considering legislation to raise the price from $15 to $25.

Duck Stamps were first issued in 1934 for one dollar as a result of concerns over declining waterfowl populations stemming from overhunting and prolonged drought in the mid-section of the country where many species breed.

All migratory waterfowl hunters must purchase a duck stamp each year. Funds generated from sales are used by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to purchase and maintain waterfowl habitat, resulting in over 6 million acres being protected since its inception.

In order to sustain vital and viable habitat for waterfowl, it is crucial that funding levels match the price of lands, but while the price of a stamp has not increased since 1991, the cost of land has tripled, making a price increase essential.

Header Image: Image Credit: George Gentry, USFWS