TWS’ Leadership Institute receives grant from DSC Foundation

The Dallas Safari Club Foundation has continued to support of The Wildlife Society’s Leadership Institute through a $16,000 grant for the class of 2019. For several years, the Dallas Safari Club and its foundation have contributed to cohorts of early-career professionals to engage in leadership training.

The Dallas Safari Club Foundation provides grants to a variety of organizations in support of wildlife conservation and advancing science-based management. The Wildlife Society’s Leadership Institute, with the support of DSCF, provides opportunities for constructive and substantive discussions to promote and support a diverse community of wildlife professionals.

The Wildlife Society’s 2019 Leadership Institute culminates at the AFS & TWS 2019 Joint Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada. Funds provided by DSCF are used to support participants’ travel expenses to attend this year’s conference. Participants will continue their professional development by engaging in a variety of activities and hands-on leadership training sessions while in Reno. Each day of the conference, the Leadership Institute cohort will focus on different leadership topics, such as diversity and inclusion, conflict resolution and difficult conversations, mentorship and continuing education, and the participants’ evolving role in their career and TWS.

Since starting their Leadership Institute experience in May, participants have engaged with Leadership Institute alumni as well as TWS Council and Heritage Committee member mentors, worked collaboratively to understand a wide array of leadership styles and perspectives, developed stronger written and verbal communication skills and discussed how to better navigate the conservation field.

Following the Leadership Institute, participants will be able to more effectively engage in conservation and facilitate opportunities for others to take a more active role in conservation efforts. The Leadership Institute prepares early-career professionals to become better leaders within TWS and in the field, well-equipped to conserve and manage wildlife in an ever-changing ecological and political landscape.

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Header Image: Red rock formations in Gold Butte National Monument, Nevada. ©Marc Sanchez, BLM