Southwest Section Webinar Discusses Using Climate Data

The Wildlife Society’s Southwest Section hosted a webinar last month about how to use climate projection data in wildlife studies in the Southwest.

Jeremy Weiss, a climate change geospatial extension scientist at the University of Arizona who led the webinar, covered topics such as data availability and selection as well as how to downscale information in order to use it for wildlife biology and conservation.

Attendees interacted throughout the webinar by using a commenting function to answer questions such as, “What are some types of wildlife applications that need climate projection data?” The attendees responded that they were interested in applying climate projection data to habitat modeling, habitat use and wildlife distribution modeling.

Leland Pierce, past president of the Southwest Section and one of the webinar organizers, hopes the webinar helps attendees apply climate change information to their own research. Click here to access webinar audio and visuals, put together by Ken Boykin, a research associate professor at New Mexico State University.

Header Image: Sandhill cranes gather in the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.
Image Credit: Jason Crotty, licensed by cc 2.0