Rhode Island bill would ban captive hunting

A second bill addresses collisions with wildlife

Rhode Island legislators have passed a bill that would ban captive hunting operations. The legislation would bar private hunting reserves from using structures that prevent wildlife from escaping. It would also ban the importation or capture of animals for use in captive hunting. The law would not apply to the release of domestic game birds.

“Physically preventing an animal from escaping death is not hunting, and I do not know a single active hunter who thinks such practices are acceptable,” said state Rep. Scott Slater, one of the sponsors of the bill, according to the Associated Press.

A second bill would make it easier for drivers to report collisions with wildlife and allow the meat to be used by individuals or organizations other than those involved in the accident.

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Header Image: An antelope stands near a fence at a private ranch in Texas. A bill in Rhode Island would ban captive hunting operations, which give hunters an opportunity to take exotic species in a confined area. Credit: runarut

Header Image: Credit: runarut