A cinereous vulture stands among griffon vultures.

Extirpated vulture returns to Bulgaria

Reintroduced cinereous vultures are breeding in Bulgaria

After reintroduction efforts, the endangered cinereous vulture has been brought back to Bulgaria where it had been extirpated since 1985. The vulture, also known as the black, monk or Eurasian black vulture (Aegypius monachus), has been declining since the 1800s and is globally classified as near threatened. Reintroduction efforts began in Bulgaria in 2015, where immature vultures were sent from Spain and European zoos to captive aviaries in Bulgaria. After acclimatizing, they were released into the wild. There are now two sites where the birds have been reintroduced. There is evidence that the reintroduced vultures are already breeding in the country.

Read the article in Biodiversity Data Journal.

Header Image: Cinereous and griffon (Gyps fulvus) vultures feed in the wild. Credit: Hristo Peshev/Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna