COWCH Project

Celebrating Our Wildlife Conservation Heritage (COWCH) Project

Information below is from The Wildlife Society’s original COWCH webpage.

What is the Celebrating Our Wildlife Conservation Heritage (COWCH) Project?
As several key representatives of the first generation of wildlife professionals passed away in 1999, The Wildlife Society (TWS) Council adopted the COWCH Project with the goal of preserving the history and evolution of the wildlife profession by interviewing influential and pioneering wildlife biologists, educators, and managers.

To date we have recorded COWCH interviews with distinguished leaders in the wildlife profession including students of Aldo Leopold, charter members of TWS, Aldo Leopold Award winners, past-presidents of TWS, and other pioneers of wildlife management and conservation. These interviews—along with many more we hope to produce—form a priceless record of the roots of the wildlife profession, which began in the 1930s with Aldo Leopold’s Game Management and the founding of a Department of Game Management at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Who is eligible to be interviewed?
Interviewees include TWS charter members, Aldo Leopold Award winners, past-presidents of TWS, people who have received noteworthy Chapter and Section recognition, and others who State Chapter members feel have made noteworthy contributions to wildlife conservation in their state or region. See the list of Colorado chapter of TWS interviews. View the interviews on-line by clicking here.