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What’s New:

San Joaquin Kit Fox Fundraising Campaign:

  • Bakersfield’s urban population of San Joaquin kit fox is currently experiencing the first documented epidemic of sarcoptic mange among kit fox species. The California Living Museum (CALM) and Endangered Species Recovery Program have been working diligently to capture and treat infected foxes. However, treatment of these foxes requires a significant amount of resources and CALM is currently stretching theirs to the limit.
  • With generous contributions from attendees at last month’s Natural Communities Conference, the San Joaquin Valley Chapter of The Wildlife Society helped to raise $1600 for donation to CALM to aid these efforts. In order to provide additional support to CALM to raise money for critical infrastructure to care for sick foxes, our chapter initiated a Go Fund Me campaign where further donations can be made. Funds from this campaign will be routed directly to CALM and will help to fund caging equipment, treatment supplies, and construction of outdoor concrete bays to house infected kit foxes during treatment and before release.
  • If you are able to make a donation of any size, please do so at the link below. Also, please help to spread the word about this campaign via social media and any other list-serves you participate in.
  • Thank you for your support!


An Introductory Guide to the Plants of the Southern San Joaquin Valley

We have a July 2017 newsletter available here.

Complete Volumes 1-3 of the Western Section’s new journal, Western Wildlife, are now available as a single publication: click here to access.

Jeff Davis and others have researched the history of the San Joaquin Valley Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Jeff consolidated his findings into a summary table, dating back to 1966. The summary can be found here.

It’s time to renew your membership! Perhaps you renew through the national TWS or with the Western Section. If not, you may use the Membership Form and send it to us with the ridiculously small $5 annual fee.

The Transactions of the Western Section of the Wildlife Society is available here (years 1966-2010). The Transactions has been renamed to Western Wildlife and is available here.


Planned 2017 Workshops and Events

Tracking workshop

Jim Lowery and Mary Brooks of Earth Skills, along with the San Joaquin Valley Chapter of The Wildlife Society, will be hosting a tracking workshop Friday November 10th thru Sunday November 11th at the River Ridge Ranch in Springville.  The workshop will be held at the River Ridge Institute in Springville. View the flyer for more information.  Registration information will follow soon. Please direct questions regarding the workshop to Kris Robison (

2017 Natural Communities Conference

The 2017 Natural Communities Conference was a big success! We heard 21 talks from 18 excellent speakers covering a variety of plant and animal taxa and topics ranging from status updates, rangeland management, climate change, and techniques in restoration and mitigation.  Through generous donations made by conference attendees the silent auction was also very successful, raising over $1600!  Those funds will be donated to the California Living Museum (CALM) to aid their efforts treating San Joaquin kit foxes affected by sarcoptic mange.  Attendees also donated a full car’s worth of blankets and towels, which will also be donated to CALM.  A big thank you for all who participated in this year’s event and for your generosity! Photos are available here.

The following day, the Chapter hosted a botany tour of the Carrizo Plain, guided by expert botanists Ellen Cypher and Chris Winchell.  Ellen and Chris taught participants about species ecology and defining morphological characteristics. The valley was alive with color and numerous rare and special-status plant species were blooming including San Joaquin woollythreads (Monolopia congdonii), California jewelflower (Caulanthus californicus), pale-yellow layia (Layia heterotricha), and many more. Photos are available here.

Please let the board know if you have ideas for future workshops, social events, or quarterly meeting locations – We want to hear from the membership!

SJV Wildlife Discussion Forum

The purpose of SJV Wildlife is to promote sound stewardship of wildlife, plants, and habitats in the San Joaquin Valley by facilitating communication among scientists, managers, consultants, educators, regulators, technicians, planners, and others. Postings should relate to wildlife, plants, or habitats within the San Joaquin Valley or surrounding foothills and mountains, an area encompassing nine counties: Stanislaus, Merced, Mariposa, Madera, Fresno, San Benito, Kings, Tulare, and Kern.

Suggested topics for postings and discussion include the following:

• Activities, workshops, presentations, conferences, and events;
• Grant opportunities;
• Job announcements, including research assistantships and postdocs;
• Research updates;
• Published papers;
• Survey techniques and protocols;
• Data collection and management;
• Data analysis methods;
• Status, distribution, and seasonal occurrence;
• Natural history observations;
• Habitat preservation and management;
• Species and habitat maintenance, enhancement, and restoration;
• Recovery plans and goals;
• Field equipment;
• Technology;
• Management effectiveness; and
• Proposed or enacted projects, actions, or policies that could affect species or habitats.

To join the forum, send a blank email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Alternatively, you can see what’s been posted by going to: