World’s largest protected boreal forest established in Alberta

Collaboration between the Tallcree Tribal Government, Nature Conservancy Canada, Syncrude Canada and the governments of Alberta and Canada has led to the establishment of the Birch River Wildland Provincial Park. The 1,274-square-mile area abuts other protected areas including Wood Buffalo National Park, a world heritage site. Together these areas form the world’s largest contiguous boreal forest.

The park itself is home to three species at risk and 65 species of special concern protected under the Canadian Species at Risk Act. The site also makes up a large portion of the habitat in the Red Earth caribou range, one of the areas where Alberta manages herds of boreal woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou).

Read more about the park and how it was established here.


Header Image: Boreal forest regions cover about 60 percent of Canada’s land area. ©Andy Arthur