TWS launches new Fundraising Rewards Program

The Wildlife Society is launching a new program that makes it easy for members to support the Society and a favorite organization unit.

TWS is establishing a new TWS Fundraising Rewards Program that provides members with the opportunity to help raise revenues with just a phone call or email.

Members are encouraged to provide introductions to individuals they know at businesses and organizations that may benefit from a relationship with TWS — whether it’s as an advertiser, contributor, exhibitor, sponsor or partner.

“We’ve seen in the past what great results can come from helping make a connection and working together,” said TWS Business Relations Manager Chuck Shively. “I think this is a tremendous opportunity for everyone to help support the conference and their own organization unit by simply sharing an introduction through an email. It broadens our network and strengthens our efforts, creating solid results for everyone.”

These are important relationships for TWS — some have generated as much as $50,000 a year — as well as for the businesses and organizations, which benefit from their ability to reach out to our members and support science-based wildlife management and conservation. This new program takes those relationships even farther.

If the introduction results in a business relationship that generates revenue for TWS the member who provided the lead may designate an organization unit — a section, chapter, student chapter or working group — to receive 10% of the revenue TWS receives. The member will also be publicly thanked in the eWildlifer.

Header Image: TWS members gather at the opening reception at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at the 2018 annual conference in Cleveland. ©TWS