TWS journal readership sets record

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The Wildlife Society’s Journal of Wildlife Management and Wildlife Society Bulletin experienced their highest readership on record in 2022. The Journal of Wildlife Management had more than 600,000 article views and the Wildlife Society Bulletin had nearly 250,000. 

This growth in readership pairs with increased impact factors among TWS’ peer-reviewed journals. The impact factors released in 2022 for the Journal of Wildlife Management (2.586) and Wildlife Society Bulletin (1.739) were the highest in the history of the journals. Wildlife Monographs (5.4) recorded its second highest on record.

Find the top 5 downloaded articles for each TWS journal below to see what your colleagues are reading.  Download the list here.

The Wildlife Society continues to work with its publishing partner, Wiley, to enhance its peer-reviewed journal portfolio. TWS is working to ensure the journals remain a trusted resource for wildlife professionals seeking the latest information to help manage and conserve wildlife populations and their habitats.

TWS has made several changes to more expeditiously move papers from submission to publication while continuing a rigorous peer-review process. Reviewers, editors, staff and authors are working together to more efficiently manage the process. Updates to TWS’ journal designs and a new HTML-based proofing platform help speed up production after acceptance.

Additionally, TWS is making the submission process easier. In 2022, the Society reduced the number of required style points to allow for more flexibility in presentation. Authors only need to follow the guidelines (fewer than eight pages) to prepare their manuscript for submission. 

The success of TWS’ journals is reliant on the countless hours of volunteer work from reviewers, editors, other wildlife professionals and the authors that choose TWS journals as outlets for their research. Each article published contributes to TWS’ mission of inspiring, empowering, and enabling wildlife professionals to sustain wildlife populations and habitats through science-based management and conservation.

Header Image: The Wildlife Society’s journals saw their highest readership on record in 2022. Check out the top stories to see what wildlifers are reading. Credit: Gordon Leggett