Tuesday event offers a chance to network

Networking among TWS members is a constant focus of the society and of the arrangements committee for the annual conference. The Cleveland Arrangements Committee is pleased to announce that in addition to Monday night’s awesome opening event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Tuesday evening will offer another great opportunity for networking.

Come one, come all – students, new professionals, established professionals and retirees – to the ballroom of the Hilton at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday where we’ll start out the evening by breaking the ice with a 25th Anniversary Conference theme.

A structured networking activity will follow where each table of the ballroom will be labeled with a different topic and occupied by two to three professionals affiliated with that topic. Students can choose a table for each of three 15-minute rounds of networking discussions.

The final half hour of the networking event is unstructured to provide time for free-flowing interactions. The arrangements committee hopes that both the Monday and Tuesday night events are springboards for continued networking among members throughout the conference.

Header Image: The Cleveland Hilton will be the site of a Tuesday evening networking event at the TWS Annual Conference. ©Erik Drost