Series: TWS Conference

June 3, 2024

Get ready for Quiz Bowl

Test your knowledge of wildlife trivia

March 26, 2024

TWS 2023: How healthy are elephant hybrids?

Biologists separated African elephants into two species, but their hybrids raise new questions

March 14, 2024

TWS 2023: Roads change caribou movement in Northwest Territories

Researcher tracked how the ungulates moved before, during and after construction in Northwest Territories

February 8, 2024

TWS 2023: Lions carry a large parasite load

Researchers used metabarcoding to learn more about parasites in wild cats in West Africa

February 5, 2024

TWS 2023: Can bird-repellent lasers be more eye friendly?

Researchers are examining whether technology to reduce crop damage may be improved

January 16, 2024

TWS 2023: Helping return eastern box turtles to the wild

Disease can complicate relocating turtles seized from the wildlife trade

January 9, 2024

Wild Cam: Common insecticides may hamper shorebird migration

Neonicotinoids wash into wetlands in the Prairie Pothole region

December 20, 2023

TWS 2023: Plants repel Asian elephants from crops

Researcher examine alternatives to keeping elephants from crop raiding

December 18, 2023

TWS 2023: Birds tap into abundantly available salamander food source 

Researchers witnessed an American robin attempting to prey on a red-backed salamander

December 12, 2023

Wild Cam: Climate change may exacerbate salamander cannibalism

Arizona tiger salamanders eat each other more when water gets scarcer