Town counts on dogs to chase geese away

The Ocean Pines Association in Maryland recently decided to hire Maryland Geese Control, which uses border collies to chase Canada geese (Branta canadensis) out of the water and off the land. The decision came after the community voted earlier this year to euthanize about 300 geese that were hurting the water quality and environment. Not only did the decision anger residents; it also seemed to be pretty ineffective. After the geese were euthanized, geese returned in large numbers, the Associated Press reports, prompting the association to take action with the border collies. In addition, the company plans to remove nests, transport injured birds to rehabilitation centers and addle eggs.

Read more in the Associated Press.

Header Image: The Ocean Pines Association plans to use border collies to chase Canada geese away from land and out of water. ©Ekaterina Chernetsova