Read the most talked about papers from JWM and WSB

As a member of The Wildlife Society you can now easily read the full text of the most talked about papers from the Journal of Wildlife Management and the Wildlife Society Bulletin.

The list of papers below includes those with the highest Altmetric scores. These scores are composed of metrics and qualitative data that are complementary to traditional, citation-based metrics. They can include — but are not limited to — mainstream media coverage, discussions on research blogs and mentions on social networks such as Twitter. Many journals today use the Altmetric scoring system because it indicates the amount of attention a paper has received. Authors also find the scores useful to follow engagement in their publications.

Polar bear attacks on humans: implications of a changing climate

How publishing in open-access journals threatens science and what we can do about it

Free-roaming cat interactions with wildlife admitted to a wildlife hospital

Evaluating population expansion of black bears using spatial capture-recapture

Population-level effects of lead fishing tackle on common loons

The true cost of partial fencing: evaluating strategies to reduce reptile road mortality

Investigating impacts of oil and gas development on greater sage-grouse

Demography of an increasing caribou herd with restricted wolf control

Online hunting forums identify achievement as prominent among multiple satisfactions

Persistence of great sage-grouse in agricultural landscapes

Header Image: ©Christopher Michel