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Chair: Jonathan Trudeau, Michigan

Jonathan is Ph.D. student at Michigan State University (MSU) where he is studying the effects of landscape characteristics on white-tailed deer movements and how deer behavior may impact the spread of chronic wasting disease in south-central Michigan. Jonathan grew up in New England hunting, fishing, and hiking with his family. His passion for the outdoors was the driving force behind his decision to pursue a career in wildlife. Prior to his current position at MSU, Jonathan worked for an array of organizations including state, federal, and private entities. Most notable, Jonathan worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service Refugee system where he was a bio-technician collecting information on mesopredators, loons, bats, and amphibians at Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge. After being in the workforce for a few years, Jonathan went back to school and received his Masters of Science degree from Ball State University, which is where he was first exposed to The Wildlife Society (TWS).

While at Ball State, and now at MSU, Jonathan enjoys organizing and taking part in outreach programs with the local community. Jonathan regularly talks to local stakeholder groups about his research and about urban wildlife in general. As the secretary for the ECPWG, Jonathan brings his experience working with undergraduates to better position themselves for positions after graduate and plans to apply this knowledge to help other young professionals in the wildlife field. Jonathan’s goal as secretary is to ensure that the thoughts, feelings, and concerns of all early professionals are heard by TWS and to convey any wisdom he may have to other young professionals seeking advice.

Contact: jtrudeau@msu.edu

Co-Chair: Yasmine Hentati, Maryland

Yasmine is currently a wildlife technician on the Cook County Urban Coyote Project based in Chicago, IL. Prior to that, she spent almost two years working with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service and the University of Maryland on the Areawide Tick Control Project in Howard County, MD. During her time at the USDA, Yasmine had the privilege of having several influential mentors who opened many doors for her, and was introduced to the MD/DE TWS chapter where she was able to make more connections. As communications coordinator, Yasmine hopes to help early career members of TWS to take advantage of resources and networking opportunities offered to them by the ECPWG and other factions of TWS, and help build a strong community for wildlife professionals who are entering the work force.

Contact: yentati26@gmail.com

Past-Chair: Emily Williams, AWB®, Washington, D.C.

Emily received her Bachelor degrees in English and Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida, and her masters degree from Kansas State University. Currently, Emily works as an Avian Ecologist for the National Park Service at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska. She works with a team of ecologists that seek to understand the migratory ecology, behavior, and annual cycles of birds that call the park their home. Emily has thoroughly enjoyed being a Florida transplant in the Great White North and is continuing to learn how to effectively pass as a Floridian-turned Alaskan, one rookie mistake at a time.

She has been actively involved with the Early Career Professionals Working Group since 2013 and was Secretary from 2016-2018. She also is a board member for the Ethnic Gender Diversity Working Group, and serves on the Conservation Education Award Committee. Emily’s service to TWS extends beyond committees and working groups, with efforts in several diversity initiatives, planning of workshops, symposia, and plenary sessions for annual conferences, and the Leadership Institute professional development program.

Emily originally became involved with The Wildlife Society with her student chapter in college in the hopes of making friends with people of common interests that liked to be outside and play with bugs just like she did as a kid. In the 10 years of her society involvement, that initial interest has evolved to not only continue to make friends and network with professionals – but to work towards a common goal of serving and protecting our wild lands and the plants and animals that depend upon them.

Contact: ffyngau@gmail.com

Secretary: Jennifer Merems, Wisconsin

Treasurer: Carson Coriell, Maryland

Communications Coordinator: Tess Gingery, Pennsylvania

At-Large Board Member: Phillip Lyons, Mississippi

At-Large Board Member: Micah Bingaman, Texas

At-Large Board Member: Alixandra Godar, AWB®, Wisconsin

At-Large Board Member: Dustin Brewer, AWB®, Michigan

At-Large Board Member: Laura Young, California

At-Large Board Member: Nicole Alonso-Leach, Texas

At-Large Board Member: Zachary Wardle, Texas