British Columbia bans grizzly bear trophy hunting

The Province of British Columbia will ban trophy hunting of grizzly bears (Ursus arctos horribilis) effective Nov. 30, 2017 — after the end of this year’s season. Once the ban goes into effect, hunters will not be allowed to possess the head, hide, or paws of the grizzly bear. Hunting for grizzly bear meat will still be allowed.

The B.C. government has stated that the ban will be implemented because society is no longer in favor of the trophy hunt. About 250 grizzlies are killed every year by hunters in B.C. from a population estimated at 15,000 individuals. The B.C. government and many bear experts agree that grizzly bear population numbers are not in danger from current hunting regulations.

Proponents of the ban say that live grizzlies generate revenue for B.C. through bear watching, potentially a big business that could generate an estimated $1.5 billion for the province. However, opponents of the ban say it hurts the hunting and outfitting industry, which brings in an estimated $370 million annually — $540,000 from the licensing fees for grizzly hunts.

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Header Image: ©NPS Photo/Jacob W. Frank