Bison reintroduced into southern Alberta national park

Bison have been reintroduced to Waterton Lakes National Park after being removed due to a massive wildfire in southern Alberta in 2017.  A herd of bison (Bison bison) were moved to Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan following the fire, but the Kainai First Nation and Elk Island National Park collaborated to move four females and two males back to Waterton Lakes this past February. Waterton Lakes National Park sits on the border of the U.S., creating a contiguous wild area with Glacier National Park. Meanwhile, the bison reintroduction project in Banff National Park to the north of Waterton Lakes continues to see success with an increasing herd.

Read more at the Calgary Herald.

Header Image: Bison graze in Waterton Lakes National Park in a photo dated to 2009.Credit: Lee Coursey