Committee Chairs and Liaisons

Celebrating Our Wildlife Conservation Heritage (COWCH) Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Vacant

Role: To preserve the history and evolution of the wildlife profession by interviewing WY s influential wildlife biologists, educators, managers, and other pioneers. Members conduct interviews, complete tape identification and review reports, transcribe interviews, and suggest individuals to interview.

Central Mountains and Plains Section Liaison

Representative: Embere Hall

Role: Maintains communication and a working relationship between the WY-TWS chapter and the CMPS of TWS.

Communications Committee

Committee Chair & Newsletter Editor: Ashleigh Rhea (

Role: Maintains the WY-TWS website and Facebook page, and updates both as needed. This Committee publishes 3 newsletters each year. Members help contribute articles, and contacts individuals, both within and outside of WY-TWS, to submit articles of interest.

Ashleigh Rhea

Conservation Affairs Network Liaison

Representative: Rhiannon Jakopak

Role: Act as conduit between WY-TWS and the broader TWS Conservation Affairs Network, making recommendations on conservation topics of interest within Wyoming.

Legislative Affairs Committee

Committee Chair: Rhiannon Jakopak (

Role: Monitor and review WY State legislative proposals, regulations, and other subjects or issues affecting wildlife or wildlife habitat within Wyoming and make recommendations to the Board for any action that should be taken by WY-TWS.

Rhiannon Jakopak

Nominations and Awards Committee

Committee Chair: Riley Bernard

Role: Work with the Board to help recruit candidates for each of the Chapter’s elective positions (President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Board Members-at-large). Also solicits nominations, conducts the balloting, and obtains the plaques for the various awards presented each year to deserving individuals. And assists in identifying judges to provide helpful critiques to the student poster and oral presentations.

Science Committee

Committee Chair: Dan Thompson (

Role: Review and make recommendations to the Board on the use of science in wildlife management as it pertains to actions, plans, or other activities proposed within WY. The issue being reviewed by the Committee may be brought forth from any Chapter member. The composition of the reviewers will often be influenced by expertise on the topic. This Committee also receives proposed resolutions and position statements from any Chapter member and prepares, submits, and recommends action on these items to the Board.

Dan Thompson

Student Chapter Liaison

Committee Chair: Renee Lile

Role: Promote increased student awareness of WY-TWS membership benefits, work to expand knowledge & technical capabilities for undergraduate and graduate students attending college, with interest in wildlife and wildlife habitat, in Wyoming.