Watch: New wolves ID’d in Oregon

Oregon wildlife officials have identified a new group of gray wolves (Canis lupus) in the state—the third known group in the northern Cascades.

“Two wolves were first found in December 2021 by Confederated Tribe of the Warm Springs (CTWS) biologists,” the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife reported. “After no sign for a while, two pups were caught on a trail camera in August, proving that wolves are still resident in the area. If the group still has at least four wolves at the end of 2022, the group will be named the Warm Springs Pack.”

The recent trail camera footage prompted the agency to designate a new “area of known wolf activity” in the region. In July, it designated a new area in the Upper Deschutes region after a trail camera captured an adult wolf and five pups there.

Read more from the Associated Press. For more on Oregon’s high-tech wolf surveillance, watch the video below.

Header Image: A trail camera captures a group of five wolves in the Upper Deschutes area in Oregon. Credit: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife