Vermont bans ‘forever chemicals’ from certain uses

Vermont has banned a group of chemicals found in some common household products, known as PFAS, from being used in certain products. The new legislation bars the chemicals, sometimes known as “forever chemicals,” from being used in firefighting foam, food packaging, ski wax, carpets, rugs and stain-resistant treatments. The ban comes as Congress considers a bill to prohibit the use of the chemicals in food containers. These chemicals linger in the environment, raising concerns about impacts on the health of humans and wildlife.

The Wildlife Toxicology Working Group explored the effects of PFAS chemicals on wildlife as part of The Wildlife Society Webinar Series. Visit our webinars page to view the recording or register for upcoming events.

Read more on Vermont’s legislation in The Hill.


Header Image: Vermont has banned the use of so-called “forever chemicals” from certain products. Credit: Markus Spiske