Shutdown ends with promise of compromise

Both the House and Senate voted Monday to end the three-day partial shutdown of the federal government that began at midnight Saturday. The new continuing resolution — the fourth for fiscal year 2018 —  will provide funds until Feb. 8.

The new bill, which passed 81-18 in the Senate and 266-159 in the House, was led by a bipartisan group of senators who hoped to end the shutdown before it heavily impacted day-to-day life.

Despite the shutdown, a notice to begin five-year status reviews of 18 species under the Endangered Species Act was posted on the Federal Register on Monday. Some public lands, such as National Parks remained open to visitors during the shutdown, although visitor centers and maintenance duties were unavailable while staff were furloughed. Roads and trails remained open unless park staff deemed them too dangerous or sensitive without regular law enforcement and emergency services.

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