shane mahoney

Shane Mahoney earns conservation education award

The Dallas Safari Club Foundation has named TWS member Shane Mahoney the inaugural winner of its education award. Mahoney is the founder and CEO of Conservation Visions, an initiative dedicated to educating the public on conservation and sustainable use.

“We are thrilled to recognize Shane Mahoney and Conservation Visions for their efforts to engage the public and inform policy in wildlife conservation matters, challenges, and needs,” said Corey Mason, CEO of DSC Foundation, in a press release.

Mahoney “provides unique and valuable global leadership in virtually all arenas of conservation, including biodiversity protection and sustainable use,” Mason said. “As a long-time partner of DSC Foundation, Conservation Visions is the ideal inaugural winner of this award.”

The Dallas Safari Club Foundation created the new award to acknowledge efforts by organizations and individuals to educate others on wildlife conservation.

“Communicating on behalf of wild species, and the inseparable nature of human and wildlife inter-dependence has been the focus of my life and career,” says Mahoney. “I deeply appreciate this recognition by DSC Foundation.”

Header Image: TWS member Shane Mahoney is the recipient of the Dallas Safari Club Foundation’s inaugural education award. Credit: TWS