Nonnative parrots establish themselves across U.S.

Across the country, nonnative parrots are making themselves at home. The parrots of San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill have become famous thanks to a documentary about them, but they’re not alone, according to a study in the Journal of Ornithology. Researchers documented 56 species of parrots in 43 states, from warm climates like Arizona and Louisiana to cooler spots like Connecticut and Illinois. “[Citizen science] makes this kind of research possible, because there’s otherwise no way we could go out and observe parrot species in all the places they’ve gathered over the decades across the contiguous U.S.,” lead researcher Jennifer Uehling told Sierra.

Read more in Sierra here, and find the study here.

Header Image: Nonnative parrots, like these in San Francisco, are turning up across the country. ©~dgies