Extended poster sessions at the TWS conference

Registration for The Wildlife Society’s 25th Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, is now open! Visit twsconference.org for details, or register now by logging in to Your Membership and clicking on the Conference tab.

Some people spend so much time perfecting their posters for the annual TWS conference, but their hard work doesn’t get the exposure they hoped for. At this year’s annual TWS conference in Cleveland, daily 50-minute poster sessions from Monday to Thursday, coinciding with the 2:30 p.m. break, will give these posters more publicity. These designated sessions are intended to encourage more attendees to view the posters and engage in discussions with the presenters. Students will particularly benefit from this schedule. Student posters will be designated with a red ribbon at the bottom corner. With four days of posters that means fewer posters each day, providing a better opportunity to get a good look at all of them.

Header Image: A TWS conference attendee looks at a student’s poster at a past TWS annual conference. ©The Wildlife Society