A must-have book for aspiring wildlifers: Pre-order your copy today!

“Becoming a Wildlife Professional” is the first comprehensive book to describe the entry-level jobs available for the next generation of wildlife biologists and conservationists. If you are a student preparing for a wildlife career or new professional looking for career advice, this new book published by The Wildlife Society in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University Press belongs in your library!

Editors Scott E. Henke and Paul R. Krausman include detailed chapters on how students should prepare for a vocation in the wildlife profession while offering pragmatic advice about applying for and obtaining a job. The book presents over 100 diverse career options that are available to aspiring wildlife workers, including work in biological field research, forestry, rehabilitation, ranching, photography and refuge management. It also details each position’s educational and technical requirements, challenges, salaries and opportunities for advancement and offers advice from a range of seasoned experts who actually hold these jobs and have used these techniques to secure employment.

“Becoming a Wildlife Professional” also conveys important philosophical messages about the responsibilities and challenges of a career in wildlife conservation and management.

With all this information in one place, the book is an essential text for wildlife science students interested in making themselves marketable for employers across a wide spectrum of wildlife jobs.

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 Pre-order you copy today. The book will ship in July.