Science Committee Update and Ramblings

By Dan Thompson, Science Committee Chair

It was great seeing everyone in Jackson at our annual rendezvous. Hopefully some of you were able to catch the talk about Science and the Science Committee in general – it may have been viewed as irreverent, but was meant to force an introspective gander from a different perspective. As stated during the presentation, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of witty, comical, and creative ways science can be depicted. Even Darwin said, “I love fools’ experiments. I am always making them.” The importance of science and adhering to the tenets of the profession we hold true is paramount, but being able to know your faults and laugh at yourself keeps the soul alive as well…especially at a time when much of our vocation feels under fire from all directions. As noted in Jackson, divisiveness within only hurts the larger population, be it bighorn sheep or wildlife biologist.

A huge WELCOME ABOARD to multiple volunteers that recently joined the ranks of the Science Committee – we have a great charge and responsibility moving forward! (It’s also good to know that folks are reading the WYTWS newsletter and actively listening at our annual meeting!). Speaking of which, currently the Science Committee is reviewing an energy development proposal in Converse County across a 1.5 million acre project area. The diversity and expertise of the Committee will be tasked at identifying areas of concern for wildlife and wildlife habitat in a large-scale project such as this. We’re also working on uniforms for the Committee to embody the team concept and collaborative atmosphere moving forward – see what you think of the first prototype…