Nominations for CMPS Awards Due
June 26th, 2020

Each of us knows people who are doing outstanding work for wildlife whether they are wildlife professionals or citizen conservationists. To acknowledge and celebrate these achievements, you can nominate the deserving people for an honorary award from The Central Mountains and Plains Section (CMPS) of The Wildlife Society.

The Central Mountains and Plains Section of The Wildlife Society offers two prestigious awards once a year to honor the accomplishments of worthy groups or individuals. The Professional Award is given to a professional individual or group, and the Citizen’s Conservation Achievement Award is given to an individual or group of citizens. Both awards recognize outstanding contributions towards the enhancement of wildlife endeavors within the Section. Award recipients receive a personalized wooden plaque at the annual CMPS conference and are featured in the CMPS newsletter.

Nomination criteria for each award can be found on the CMPS website ( Nominations or questions about the awards should be e-mailed to the CMPS Vice President, Stephanie Ferrero ( and must be received by Friday June 26th, 2020 to be considered.

Don’t miss this special chance to thank the people you know who are making a difference for wildlife. Take just a little bit of time now to share what these heroes do and to inspire other people in conserving wildlife. Nominations can be made anytime between now and June 26th.