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©Danielle Munzing


There are many, many reasons for becoming a member of the Washington Chapter of The Wildlife Society and for and maintaining your membership. These include professional networking opportunities, announcements for meetings, jobs, grants, and scholarships, as well as the host of intangible benefits that come from participating in a community of people dedicated to the conservation of wildlife resources.



Join & Renew

Membership in the Washington Chapter is open to all persons and organizations interested in wildlife resources. To join or to renew your membership, please complete a chapter membership form and send it with your annual dues to our Chapter Treasurer, Emily Butler.

Questions? Problems? Please contact Emily Butler.

You can also pay chapter dues through our main/international organization, The Wildlife Society. Chapter members are encouraged, but not required, to join the national organization. Only National members are eligible to hold office in the chapter. For information about membership in The Wildlife Society, visit

Membership dues are used to cover the costs of planning annual meetings and maintaining the Chapter’s website. Funds in excess of these expenses, along with proceeds from meetings and workshops, are used to fund scholarships, grants, and other activities supported by the Chapter.

Chapter membership dues are valid for one calendar year (January through December) regardless of when they are received. Annual dues should be paid to the Treasurer no later than March 31. Late dues received before October 1st will be credited to membership for the current year. Late dues received on or after October 1st will be credited to the following year’s membership.