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The San Joaquin Valley Chapter strives to publish our newsletter The Valley Fever twice annually, before the second and fourth quarterly Board Meetings.

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Others News

San Joaquin Kit Fox Fundraising Campaign:

  • Bakersfield’s urban population of San Joaquin kit fox is currently experiencing the first documented epidemic of sarcoptic mange among kit fox species. The California Living Museum (CALM) and Endangered Species Recovery Program have been working diligently to capture and treat infected foxes. However, treatment of these foxes requires a significant amount of resources and CALM is currently stretching theirs to the limit.
  • With generous contributions from attendees at last year’s Natural Communities Conference, the San Joaquin Valley Chapter of The Wildlife Society helped to raise $1,600 for donation to CALM to aid these efforts. In order to provide additional support to CALM to raise money for critical infrastructure to care for sick foxes, our chapter initiated a Go Fund Me campaign where further donations can be made. Funds from this campaign will be routed directly to CALM and will help to fund caging equipment, treatment supplies, and construction of outdoor concrete bays to house infected kit foxes during treatment and before release.
  • If you are able to make a donation of any size, please do so at the link below. Also, please help to spread the word about this campaign via social media and any other list-serves you participate in.
  • Thank you for your support!