Minnesota TWS Google Groups

Two Google Groups are used to serve the needs of the Chapter’s members. These groups are great to exchange ideas and information with fellow TWS members. Better yet, you might be the first to hear about the annual meeting, a summer workshop, or important issues in conservation and will want to pass the word along.  The Google Groups will be used to send action e-mails to our membership and to ensure that our members have current information on wildlife related issues in Minnesota.

TWSMinnesota serves all members of the Minnesota Chapter of The Wildlife Society. It is intended to enhance communication among members across the state. It is open to all MN TWS chapter members to receive and send email correspondence.  To view the Group for MEMBERS or change your personal options, visit https://groups.google.com/d/forum/TWSMinnesota.

TWSMinnesotaBoard serves the Governing Board of the Minnesota Chapter of The Wildlife Society.  It is intended to enhance communication among BOARD MEMBERS and is only open to current MN TWS board members.  The Governing Board includes all Executive Officers, six Regional Representatives, all Committee Chairs, and the Advisor and President of the state’s Student Chapters. To view the Group for BOARD MEMBERS or change your personal options, visit http://groups.google.com/group/TWSMinnesotaBoard.

How to Subscribe

To sign up for the group or to change your settings just click here.     

Enter your E-mail address and look for an email asking to confirm your subscription.

Subscription Options
When signing up for the membership list you may select from the following options:

  • Send an email for every new message
  • Send a daily summary of messages that day (if any)
  • Send a combined email for every 25 posts to the group
  • Send no emails, you can view posts by visiting the group page

Sending Messages
To receive and send messages you must join the list.  Anyone on the list can send messages to the group.  Members can post and respond to email messages about upcoming TWS events and issues, post photos, and communicate with other group members.  Important Note: this Group is public domain.  All messages must conform to TWS Code of Ethics.  Please keep your messages on point!

To post to the group, send an email to twsminnesota@googlegroups.com or twsminnesotaboard@googlegroups.com.

Member Settings
Members with cryptic email addresses should visit the group they are subscribed to (TWSMinnesota or TWSMinnesotaBoard), click on the “My Membership” button, and alter the “My display name” box to your real name.  This will help identify who you are to other group members.