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Awards Criteria and Guidelines
Award Nomination Form
Nominations are due January 15 of each year

Past Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society Award Recipients

I. Award of Professional Achievement

1985  Malcolm W. Coulter
1992  Greg Sepik
1993  Ray B. Owen
1994  Jerry Longcore
1998  Gary Donovan
2004  Alan Hutchinson
2008  Mark McCollough
2011  Steven Mierzykowski
2014  Randy Cross
2015  Steve Pelletier
2017  Charlie Todd
2018  Beth I. Swartz

II. Award of Meritorious Service (prior to 2007: Meritorious Service Award)

1999  Mark W. Sweeny
2002  Thomas P. Hodgman
2003  Lyman Feero
2007  Daniel Harrison
2007 William Krohn
2009  Joe Wiley
2010  Phillip deMaynadier
2011  Sandra Ritchie
2012  Richard Hoppe
2012 Kelly Boland
2013  Danielle D’Auria
2014  Don Katnik
2015  George Matula
2016 MaryEllen Rainey Wickett
2017  Lauren Gilpatrick
2018  Daniel McAuley
2019  Lindsay Seward
2021 Lee Kantar

III. Award of Recognition

1980  Penobscot County Conservation Association
1981  Chandler S. Richmond
1982  The Nature Conservancy (ME Chptr)
1984  Clinton B. Townsend
1986  Sid Bahrt
1987  Oliver LaRouche
1991  Dr. Ronald Lott, Pat McGowan
1992  Western Maine National Audubon Society (Bluebird Project)
1994  Anne and George Smith (wildlife rehabilitators)
1995  Howard Duvall (Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative)
1998  McCain Foods, Inc.
1999  Don Mairs
2003  Molly Docherty
2004  Avian Haven
2004 Pam & Brian Wells (Friends of Sunkhaze Meadows)
2006  Inez Boyd and Bangor Nature Club
2007  William Sheehan
2007  Judy Kellogg Markowsky
2008  Bangor Land Trust/Orono Land Trust
2009  Friends of Unity Wetlands
2009  Penobscot County Conservation Association
2010  Cheryl Daigle and Jeff Reardon, Penobscot River Restoration Project
2011  Robert Duchesne
2012  Darlene Allen and Lucy Astbury, Deer Isle/Stonington Elementary School
2012 The Maine Association of Conservation Commissions and conservation commissions of seventy eight Maine towns
2013  Ruth Perry, Maine Science Lady
2013 Maine Farmland Trust
2014  Penobscot Fly Fishers
2014 Gordon Russell and Jane Rosinski
2015  Maine Coast Heritage Trust
2016 University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4H Camp and Learning Centers: Tanglewood, Blueberry Cove, and Bryant Pond
2017  Annie Kassler
2018  Friends of Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge
2019  Josselyn Botanical Society
2019  Maine Entomological Society
2021 Piscataquis County Soil & Water Conservation District

IV. Award of Student Recognition

2015  Stephen Dunham, Graduate Student
2015  Marie Martin, Undergraduate Student
2017  Kyle Shute, Undergraduate Student
2019  Kelby Leary, Undergraduate Student

Student Support Award

Student Support Award Information and Application Forms (Individual Award, Group Award).
Applications are due February 1

2009  Shonene Scott and Ben Wasserman, University of Maine
2010  Univ. Maine, Student Chapter, TWS – group award: travel to 2010 Northeast Wildlife Conference
2010  Mallory Ward, University of Maine at Machias – individual award: attend a bat conservation workshop
2016 Univ. Maine, Student Chapter, TWS – group award: travel to 2016 Northeast Wildlife Student Conclave