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  • Vision

    The IWMWG will increase collaboration among wildlife professionals around the world.

  • Mission

    The IWMWG will provide a forum for information exchange through expanded use of communication technologies.

  • Goals
    1. To promote meetings and electronic communication among professionals worldwide working in wildlife management and habitat conservation.
    2. To sponsor symposia and workshops and to host forums at The Wildlife Society’s Annual Conference and other affiliated meetings.
    3. To assist TWS staff in preparing technical reviews, position statements and other materials related to international wildlife management issues.
    4. To encourage wildlife professionals worldwide to become members and participate in TWS activities and events.

Meet the executive board


Chair: Masahiro Ohnishi
Chair-Elect: Catherine Semcer
Past Chair: Scott Brainerd
Secretary-Treasurer: Jason Lombardi
Social Media Editor: Gael Sanchez
Newsletter Editor: Daniel Scognamillo

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Become a member

Membership is available to all current TWS members. You may join our Working Group by logging in to your TWS account.