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On this page we honor the memory of past TWS members and notable wildlife professionals whose contributions will not be forgotten.

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The Wildlife Society Bulletin article by D. Blake Sasse on job-related mortality of wildlife professionals is provided here.

An alphabetical listing by last name is available by clicking here.

Listing by Year

2018 Harvey W. Miller
2014 Andrew N. Barrass, Thomas G. Easterly, Henry E. McCutchen
2013 Robert G. Anthony, Philip Barske, Carlo R. Brunori, Thomas D. Drummer, Robert L. Eng, Kristina Norstrom, Milt Reeves, Gene Silovsky, Jon M. Skovlin
2012 Guy A. Baldassarre, Warren Ballard, Edward O. Keith, Edward L. Kozicky, Robert L. Rausch, James G. Teer, Russell E. Train, Ronald L. Walker, James D. Yoakum
2011 Nina Leopold Bradley, Thomas E. Lewis, David B. Marshall, Tony Peterle, David G. Rose, Wayne W. Sandfort, Joe C. Truett
2010 Ralph Arthur Bitely, Dennis H. Chitty, Clu Cotter, John A. Crawford, David L. Grove, Sam Hamilton, Larry Harris, G. Blair Joselyn, Devra Kleiman, Ian McTaggart-Cowan, Harvey K. Nelson, Kevin O’Connor, Tom Stolberg
2009 George Knebel Brakhage, Walter F. Crissey, Albert Wilhelm (Al) Franzmann, Karl G. Kobes, Bill Leitch, Ray Linder, John Raymond Morgart, James D. Range, James Abram Schneck, Richard D. “Dick” Teague, Kelson Michael Vaillancourt
2008 Gareth Akerman, Malcolm W. Coulter, Lowell K. Halls, Philip Heidemann, Richard Huenefeld, David S. Maehr, Damion Marx, James Joseph McDonough, Glen C. Sanderson, Marvin D. Schwilling
2007 Barry A. Garrison, C. W. (Bill) Severinghaus, Paul F. Springer,

Alphabetical listing by last name

Gareth Akerman

Robert G. Anthony

Guy A. Baldassarre

Warren Ballard

Andrew N. Barrass

Philip Barske

Ralph Arthur Bitely

Nina Leopold Bradley

George Knebel Brakhage

Carlo R. Brunori

Dennis H. Chitty

Clu Cotter

Malcolm W. Coulter

John A. Crawford

Walter F. Crissey

Thomas D. Drummer

Thomas G. Easterly

Robert L. Eng

Albert Wilhelm (Al) Franzmann

Barry A. Garrison

David L. Grove

Lowell K. Halls

Sam Hamilton

Larry Harris

Philip Heidemann

Richard Huenefeld

G. Blair Joselyn

Edward O. Keith

Devra Kleiman

Karl G. Kobes

Edward L. Kozicky

Bill Leitch

Thomas E. Lewis

Ray Linder

David S. Maehr

David B. Marshall

Damion Marx

Henry E. McCutchen

James Joseph McDonough

Ian McTaggart-Cowan

Harvey W. Miller

John Raymond Morgart

Harvey K. Nelson

Kristina Norstrom

Kevin O’Connor

Tony PeterleJames D. Range

Robert L. Rausch

Milt Reeves

David G. Rose

Glen C. Sanderson

Wayne W. Sandfort

James Abram Schneck

Marvin D. Schwilling

C. W. (Bill) Severinghaus

Gene Silovsky

Jon M. Skovlin

Paul F. Springer

Tom Stolberg

Richard D. “Dick” Teague

James G. Teer

Russell E. Train

Joe C. Truett

Kelson Michael Vaillancourt

Ronald L. Walker

James D. Yoakum