Fall 2019
Message from President Embere Hall

Fall is a season of transition, where t-shirts give way to puffy coats and leaves prepare for a colorful one-way trip to the ground (or to your gutters). Here at WY-TWS we’re also ushering in important changes:

Elections:  Elections for the Executive Board open October 15! Look for an email. We will consider candidates for Board Member-at-large (3 positions) and President-Elect. Remember the oft quoted wisdom – elections are determined by those that show up. So, participate and cast your vote. Tremendous thanks to the members that agreed to run for positions. The Society could not operate without your willingness to engage.

Board expansion:  In September the membership approved an expanded number of positions on the Board (82.5% in favor, 17.5% opposed). These additional positions (2) will allow us to diversify the leadership, better allocate workload, and facilitate a smoother entry for other positions, such as President-Elect. We will select candidates in this fall’s election.

New committee chairs:  After serving as Chairperson of the Legislative Affairs Committee, Ben Wise stepped down to pursue a Chairmanship of the Nominations & Awards Committee. Many thanks to Ben for his service to WY-TWS membership!

Please join me in welcoming Rhiannon Jakopak as the new Legislative Affairs Committee Chair. In addition to her ongoing wildlife research endeavors, she served as a legislative intern for the Wyoming Outdoor Council and is a recipient of the American Society of Mammalogists student policy award.

Annual meeting:  This year’s meeting will be in Sheridan, November 19-21, in partnership with the Wyoming Wildlife Federation. Join us for 3 days of talks, networking opportunities, workshops, and more! Early bird registration ends November 1. For more information, check out the conference website.

Finally, we have a unique opportunity to support legislation that would provide substantial funds for Species of Greatest Conservation Need – Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. TWS, alongside other members of the Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife, are asking scientists and natural resource managers to sign onto a letter to members of Congress. Please consider adding your name.

With that, I invite you to peruse the fall newsletter. Then put on your warm coat, enjoy the fall colors, and join us at the annual meeting in November!

Embere Hall
Chapter President

Embere is a postdoctoral Research Scientist with the Wyoming Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Wyoming. She is interested in the ecological effects of climate change, how wildlife can adjust to new environments, and management strategies that promote species’ resilience. Prior to joining the Coop Unit, Embere served as the Research Director for the Conservation Research Center of Teton Science Schools in Jackson, Wyoming. She received her PhD in Ecology from the University of Wyoming, her MS from Iowa State University, and her BS from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Embere has been involved with WY-TWS for more than a decade, and looks forward to giving back to the society during her term on the Executive Board.