Spring/Summer 2017


Landscape disturbance models consistently explain variation in ecological integrity across large landscapes
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Longest sage-grouse migratory behavior sustained by intact pathways
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Developing approaches for linear mixed modeling in landscape genetics through landscape-directed dispersal simulations
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A fuzzy logic approach to analyse the suitability of nesting habitat for greater sage-grouse in western Wyoming
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The greenscape shapes surfing of resource waves in a large migratory herbivore
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Estimating Loss of Brucella Abortus Antibodies from Age-Specific Serological Data In Elk
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Assessment of a strain 19 brucellosis vaccination program in elk
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Brucellosis transmission between wildlife and livestock in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: Inferences from DNA genotyping
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Mule deer and energy development—Long-term trends of habituation and abundance
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The extra mile: Ungulate migration distance alters the use of seasonal range and exposure to anthropogenic risk
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Species’ traits help predict small mammal responses to habitat homogenization by an invasive grass
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Relationships between gas field development and the presence and abundance of pygmy rabbits in southwestern Wyoming
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Predicting above-ground density and distribution of small mammal prey species at large spatial scales
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Limited evidence on the effectiveness of interventions to reduce livestock predation by large carnivores
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Blood clotting behavior is innately modulated in Ursus americanus during early and late denning relative to summer months
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Herbivore effects on productivity vary by guild: cattle increase mean productivity while wildlife reduce variability
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Comparison of Postfire Seeding Practices for Wyoming Big Sagebrush
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Seed Bank Dynamics of Blowout Penstemon in Relation to Local Patterns of Sand Movement on the Ferris Dunes, Southcentral Wyoming
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Assessment of USDA-NRCS rangeland conservation programs: recommendation for an evidence-based conservation platform
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Empirical estimation of recreational exploitation of burbot, Lota lota, in the Wind River drainage of Wyoming using a multistate capture–recapture model
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Quantitative Techniques

Understanding social–ecological vulnerability with Q-methodology: a case study of water-based ecosystem services in Wyoming, USA
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