2016 Annual Meeting Presentations

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Session: Grassland and sagebrush environments: small mammals, raptors, and species interactions

Returning an endangered species home – a 35 year review of black-footed ferret conservation in Wyoming, Jesse Boulerice

Monitoring Wyoming’s grassland Species of Greatest Conservation Need, Andrea Orabona

Balancing management priorities for grassland and sagebrush birds in the Thunder Basin National Grassland, Courtney Duchardt

Predator-prey interactions between mountain plover, burrowing owl, and swift fox on prairie dog colonies on Thunder Basin and Pawnee National Grasslands, Ryan Parker

Trapping protocol for difficult to detect small mammals, Kristina Harkins

Raptor rehabilitation in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: common injuries, species diversity and the golden eagle rescue network, M. Warren & C. Adams

Golden eagle migration corridors and seasonal habitat selection in the Rocky Mountains and Western Great Plains, Bryan Bedrosian

Nighttime callback detections, nesting demographics, and habitat selection of great gray owls in western Wyoming, Katherine Gura

The influence of greater sage-grouse management on golden eagles in the Wyoming basin, Geoffrey Bedrosian

Using landscape scale estimates of relative electrocution risk to inform prioritization of retrofits: an example with golden eagles, Gary Williams

Wyoming Chapter of The Wildlife Society’s Fellowship – Summer 2016 Experience, Jace Cussins

Society for Range Management – Wyoming Section

Bureau of Land Management, Tricia Hatle

U.S. Forest Service or National Park Service

Communicating the natural resources/range message to the public, Larry Butler

Keeping rangelands in your backyard, Mae Smith

Recovery of riparian habitat along Pete Creek in central Wyoming, Andy Warren

Restoration techniques to reduce commpetitive pressures on shrub species in a semi-arid system, Amy Jacobs

ESD Update, M. Patz & B. Christiansen

Complementing the showing of “The Range Riders “: Case study in lowstress herding for livestock – Large carnivore coexistence, Matt Barnes

Session: Ungulate behavior, nutrition, and management

Influence of the bark beetle epidemic on elk and hunter resource selection and interaction, Bryan Lamont

Adaptive management of winter elk feedgrounds in western Wyoming to reduce brucellosis prevalance in elk, Ben Wise

Investigating trends in elk habitat selection across time and burn severity, Travis Zaffarano

Linking climate and habitat to nutritional condition and recruitment in moose, Brett Jesmer

Quantifying greenscapes: spatialtemportal patterns of phenology shape green wave surfing in migratory mule deer, Ellen Aikens

Development and application of population genomic tools for conservation and management of Wyoming pronghorn, Melanie LaCava

The role of memory and past experience in shaping migratory behavior, Jerod Merkle

Risk-effects of a human-altered landscape: nutritional tradeoffs in behavior of mule deer, Samantha Dwinnell

Session: Mountain species and systems

Fire history and regeneration dynamics of low-elevation Douglas Fir forests in the Grand Teton area, Kevin Krasnow

Basic information about mountainsnails, Lusha Tronstad

Seasonal resource selection by introduced mountain goats in the southwest Greater Yellowstone Area, Blake Lowrey

What to eat in a warming world: altering forage preferences may buffer climate stress, Embere Hall

The Greater Yellowstone sights and sounds archive: a new tool for wildlife researchers and educators, Nancy Bailey

The Greater Yellowstone Area Mountain ungulate research Project, Robert Garrott

Multi-state wolverine monitoring and conservation, Nichole Bjornlie

Session: Sagebrush ecosystems and sage-grouse

Short-term vegetation response to mowing and herbicide treatments in Wyoming big sagebrush, Jason R. LeVan

Microhabitat selection of brood-rearing sites by greater sagegrouse in Carbon county, Wyoming, Leslie Schreiber

Comparison of songbird population trends to sage-grouse lek trends: assessing sage-grouse core areas and umbrella species concept, Jonathan Dinkins

Beyond breeding habitat: comprehensive habitat requirements of a partial migrant, Aaron Pratt

Geophagy and movements of greater sage-grouse in the upper Green River drainage, Josh Hemenway

Using resilience and resistance concepts to develop a strategic approach for managing threats to sagebrush ecosystems, Gunnison sage-grouse, and greater sage-grouse in their eastern range, Tom Christiansen

Application of stable isotopes to reconstruct greater sage-grouse chick dietary history: diet selection and relative body condition, Kurt Smith

The non-target effects of sage-grouse habitat treatments on sagebrush-associated songbirds, Jason Carlisle

Evaluating efficacy of fence markers in reducing greater sage-grouse collisions, Taylor Gorman

Session: Freshwater environments and amphibians

Native freshwater mussel follow up investigations: filling survey gaps and exploring newly discovered populations, Oliver Wilmot

Fire, grazing and toads: vegetation management and Wyoming toads (Anaxyrus baxteri) recovery efforts, Melanie Murphy

Boreal toad habitat selection and survival in relation to grazing intensity and disease prevalence, Gabe Barrile

Enhancing detection of native Wyoming amphibians through environmental DNA and visual surveys, Andrew Gygli

Session: Influence of human disturbance and development on species

Is a mesopredator release underlying increased songbird nest predation near natural gas development, Lindsey Sanders
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Golden eagle reproduction in relation to energy development and landscape composition in the Bighorn Basin, Chuck Preston

Evaluating the influence of development on mule deer migration and phenology tracking, Teal Wyckoff

Effects of roads and deer migration and movement corridors in Wyoming, Corinna Riginos

Mortality risk for pronghorn in the red desert in the face of environmental and anthropogenic change, Adele Reinking